Agricultural ecosystem management is a process that aims to conserve major ecological services and restore natural resources while meeting the socio-economic, political, and cultural needs of current and future generations.

By 2050 worldwide agricultural output needs to double to feed the growing population and meet the demand for higher-value foods. Source : UN FAO

Agri-Smart Overview

Agri-Smart Livestock Technology (Pty) Ltd provides 1st-to-market technology optimising the livestock, meat and dairy agribusiness segment.

Globally, food and agriculture is a $7.8 trillion industry, responsible for feeding the planet and hiring well over 40% of the global population.

It is also responsible for a large portion of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions; agriculture alone contributes to around one of third of all carbon emissions of which livestock is a critical factor, without counting the contribution of supply chain processes before it reaches the consumer.

Agri-Smart is focused for the initial phase on the following:

  • Farmer: Monitor and report on cattle, sheep and goats safety, ownership, movement, animal health and the environment.
  • Governments/Regional/Cooperative:  Consolidation of the Farmer data, enabling predictive forecasting.
  • Animal Health: Health is very important to control. Unneccesary livestock deaths is a waste and we therefor monitor all events. Collected data  then compared to regional risk profiles  and reported animal sickness per geo-area as example; Foot and Mouth etc.

Integrated to our solutions are farmer funding, marketing platform, and an e-Learning capability to take farmers from subsistence to commercial.  This technology combined with our operating models on feeding and water allows the farmer to be succesful on small land areas with no environment impact.

News & Events

Smallholder farmer - now can also participate in food value chain

Global food crisis is facing the world. Improve food production output in the food value chain is promoted everywhere with a focus on Africa.

Actually, the solution is to the avail. Smallholder farming empowered by Agri-Smart! It enables a powerful combination of livestock available to the markets while providing technology to monitor both animal and meat quality applying the required technologies.

Our technologies applied makes the solution very affordable with intelligence on animal and meat in format required by international market policies and requirements.

Intelligence based on animal safety, health, infrastructure, environment etc. reported in real-time. It drives and enables precision farming to quality, food compliance to international regulations while enabling food export. For government, increase GDP.

Value - Full Ecosystem Management

Current livestock agri-technologies is focused on specific or a few points of the livestock farming ecosystem. Not the complete. It takes optimizing the complete ecosystem; monitor, manage, report in full for effective decision-making. Decisions directly influencing your farming with positive impact.

Now, Agri-Smart provides you the technology for complete ecosystem management at an affordable pricing model.

Boost your ecosystem with Agri-Smart technology! YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR ECOSYSTEM ELEMENTS. The strength of these elements determine your success in performance and growth.

Business Partnership Program

Do you see an opportunity in your geo-territory or area representing the Agri-Smart technology? Then, simply enquire,  we discuss and can enter in partnership.