Our Defined Method…

Agri-Smart enables smallholder farmers to be agents of change. Having the right options, incentives and tools they can drive sustainable agricultural development that builds resilience and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Agri-Smart offers and end-to-end solution that assist the farmer in managing their livestock in affordable, real-time environment, understanding the position; safety and health of an animal. That is however, also dependent on the environment the animals must live in. All of which impacts the marketability of the animal.

Our deployment methods and technology will ensure farmers success. By 2022 we will automate the total process, with traceability from birth-to-gate by mid 2020, and then expanding through the value chain.

The above diagram explains on a high level the steps that Agri-Smart takes in getting the famer included in the value chain. Then being part of the Commodity Exchange the farmer will receive a higher price for the product. Through the release of the Agri$ Crypto coin we will be able to [provide proper funding methods and assets to achieve the above. Important is the enhancements on product quality through biomass, genetics and health management. These is taught to the farmer across all livestock and diary, also on proper farm management principles.