General Overview…

Agri-Smart partner with farmers to modernise and digitise livestock farming and thereby, create a sustainable and inclusive green economic model enabling effective growth. By simply applying Agri-Smart tag technology to livestock, real-time data and intelligence of animal safety, health and its environment is collected, monitored and managed.

This information collected provides applicable knowledge to all relevant parties, creating an intelligence source optimising farming-output to its best. Needless to mention, this is not where it ends as a proper support system ensures a definite impact on driving green agro-ecosystem focused farming. 

The solution exceeds only tracking and tracing of livestock but provides a high value source of intelligence to optimise livestock farming. 

Livestock Monitoring:

  • Identify and report on animal position in the field.
  • Build-in management solution for relevant reporting on status and condition per animal to the farmer.
  • The tag design allows specific fitment to reduce risk of loss.
  • The technology monitors movement and notifies farmer in event of no movement.

The App

The App has the following capabilities:

  • Secure login with role-based functionality.
  • Create/update ownership detail on farm and per animal.
  • Capable of management over multiple farms, information displayed as per role and farm.
  • Display livestock per animal type per position with drill-down capabilities. The solution can manage all different.
  • Animal health capture capability.
  • Event manager on animals for theft or geo-fence breach.

Benefits to the farmer:

  • Control over livestock safety.
  • Electronic adherence to legislative reporting.
  • Manage livestock information anytime, anywhere.
  • Save unnecessary livestock deaths.
  • Grow your herd with functionalities of our solution; increase biomass and quality.
  • Manage both dairy and beef with one application.