The Tag has the following capabilities:

  1. Multi Network enabled
  2. GPS Enabled
  3. Measure Ambient Temperature
  4. Measure if animal is alive
  5. Geofence enabled
  6. Power and event Management System


The App has the following capabilities:

  1. Secure login with role-based functionality.
  2. Create/update ownership detail on farm and per animal.
  3. Capable of management over multiple farms, information displayed as per role and farm.
  4. Display livestock per animal type per position with drill-down capabilities. The solution can manage all different.
  5. Animal health capture capability.
  6. Event manager on animals for theft or geo-fence breach.

Benefits to the farmer:

  1. Control over livestock safety.
  2. Electronic adherence to Regulatory requirements.
  3. Manage livestock information anytime, anywhere.
  4. Save unnecessary livestock deaths.
  5. Grow your herd with functionalities of our solution; increase biomass and quality.
  6. Monitor genetics through DNA.
  7. Manage both dairy beef, sheep, goats and Camels with one application on a farm or multiple farms.

Our technology framework is demonstrated in the above diagram end enabled through our digital IoT devices that manages livestock and crop farming. The mayor components are:

  • Farm Manager provides a comprehensive view of the farm and where the livestock are, stock levels, health indicators and environmental issues. It guides the farmer on animal genetics, biomass. Feeding and water intakes, per group, grouping of animals against market pricing for optimal sales pricing, etc. With the AI component forecasted sales at optimal price can be demonstrated
  • Animal Health Manager is increasingly important. With every animal lost the environment is impacted through lost grazing and water consumption. For the substance farmer it is a massive impact on his survival as a farmer. Agri-Smart manages animal health in different ways, automated as far as possible with in constraints
  • Environment Management becomes increasingly important with global warming impact and the forecasted food shortages. For every animal lost through uncalled sickness and death we waste feed and water. Our management solution is aimed at Biomass increase rather than more animals, better quality of product, and apply required sources where needed. Through AI we can predict future trends and advise farmer on appropriate action or accelerated taking to market.
  • Traceability Manager is a requirement for any products being delivered. We follow international standards as per UN FAO inclusive of ownership, movement, and health interventions. This information is captured through digital devices and stored in the Blockchain environment. These records form part of the Commodity Exchange record to allow the offtakes and customers visibility on quality and product history anywhere in the world.

Application layers