The Agri-Smart Economic Impact ...

Government / Regional / Cooperative

Agri-Smart enables smallholder farmers to be agents of change. When given the right options and incentives, they can drive sustainable agricultural development building resilience and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Across Africa, climate change could spur countries to invest in renewable energy technologies, create new markets for agricultural producers, build human and institutional capacities to support a knowledge economy based on innovation, research and development. To do this, requires enabling policies and incentives for smallholder farmers to invest in environmental services, preserve biodiversity, sustainably manage natural resources such as land and water and use energy efficiently.

Agri-Smart solutions enable this not only for the smallholder farmer but allows institutions to monitor the change effectively. Our solutions allow for:

  • Cooperative model to allow sustainability through participation.
  • Funding mechanisms to allow for sustainable farmer growth with an impact on national herds without a negative impact on the environment.
  • Livestock marketing platform with full traceability.
  • Learning platform to guide farmers through a knowledge base.
  • Control over animal health management.
  • Control over environmental impact from the livestock farming.

The Economic Boost...

  • Foreign Investments

  • Foreign Trading

  • Increase Employment Demand

  • Improved Social and Cultural Factors

  • Agri-sector Markets Development

  • Rural Business Development

  • Environment and Climate

  • Regional and National Economic Growth