The Agri-Smart Economy Impact. A Government Driver…

As we enter every year the word “digital” is the word on everyone’s lips for growth in agriculture. Yes, digital technologies applied can deliver economic benefits by increasing productivity, create cost efficiency and opening market opportunities.  Digitisation also offer social and cultural benefits by improving communication reaching the relevant audiences therefor enabling inclusivity where required.

In agriculture, digital transformation change the structure of the labour market and small business development and not necessarily to the negative as many promotes. Empowering the full agro-ecosystem management of farm and livestock by applying a combination of technology, managerial and intelligence-sharing functionality it is no longer business as usual.

Potential environmental, economic and social benefits are significant applying the Agri-Smart solution. Smallholder farmers and others in the rural areas are particularly at risk being left behind in the economic system. This, while the global demand in the food market increase on a daily basis. Our solution provides access to monitor and management livestock safety, health and environment as well as providing learning and market access. We address the complete agro-ecosystem of livestock farming.

Agri-Smart provides real-time surveillance and reporting capacities on geo-territory level; from farm to region to province and national level. Critical intelligence is to the avail for decision-makers in Government improving a high impact to food safety, security and economic growth without forgetting the environment.  Intelligence assisting with critical decision-making growing the agricultural and its supporting sectors, agri-preneurship and rural development opportunity. The latter, an opportunity ensuring the participation of youth as it provides hope in the rural agri-sector. Again, the benefit of reducing urbanisation due to rural poverty and unemployment. Technology being the medium of communication and accessibility on international recognised platforms all size farming is empowered with productivity allowing even smallholder farmers now to actively participate and integrate within the food value chain.

Climate change threatens everyone. But it is today’s young people that will face the most severe impacts of the changing climate. Already, many farmers experience the consequence and not having the right information, even at the right time to avail and therefor, making costly mistakes resulting in risk or loss. Loss of an animal is more than just less livestock in the herd. It results in loss of water, grass and more consumed by the animal over a period of time. Water usage for the livestock sector should be considered an integral part of agricultural water resource management. Smallholder farmers are highly vulnerable and at risk to these changing impacts, especially in developing countries.

Smallholder farmers dominate the agricultural livestock production landscape in Africa. Agricultural productivity is constrained by a variety of economical bottlenecks as well as by agro-ecological factors. There is a growing interest among countries and international institutions in using public food purchases to promote the integration of smallholder farmers into markets and strengthen rural livelihoods. But a proper solution is required reaching these goals.

Applying the Agri-Smart solution it supports a livestock farming development program of Government that improves the livelihoods of smallholder farmers, reduces poverty and increase food security in both rural and urban areas. It can sustain small business development, industrialisation and inclusive economic growth.

Our model is structured on volume and affordability and therefor our preference dealing directly with Governments and development organisations. For smart development of your livestock agricultural sector, simply talk to Agri-Smart for a high impact, full livestock agro-ecological solution exceeding only “digital”.

More and detailed information is to the avail and you can simply request.

2 thoughts on “The Agri-Smart Economy Impact. A Government Driver…”

  1. I am deeply interested in this agri smart technology,I am young person who wants to pursue commercial livestock farming and it has always been my goal to integrate such technologies in farming, I have a partner who has experience in livestock and we want to participate in this industry we do have land in the rural area of Rustenburg(North West) however we lack funding to startup which is a major setback. We really do want to integrate technology in farming for sustainable farming.

    1. Good day Mawethu

      Agri-Smart is an Agtech solutions company and if I understand your message correctly, Agri-Smart does not provide start-up funding. My suggestion is you must approach a venture fund or angel investor to secure funding for your potential farming.

      Kind regards,

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