Tracking your animals the Smart Way!!

Are you losing animals through theft? Or never know where your animals are?

Then we have the answer for you. Our Standard ear tag monitors animals anywhere on the farm or outside, the Agri Smart App has build in geofencing capability that warns you if animal approaches the farm perimeter. It raises alarms when this event takes place, with escalation rules.

The system allows you to:

  • define animals per type, e.g. cattle, sheep, etc. You can have multiple animal types on the farm with further breakdown on sub type, sex, age, and more
  • System keeps track of movement of animals, and can identify stress related movement. Alarms is then raised immediately
  • Animals keep track of farm stock levels per animal type
  • System allows for health detail capturing, specific feed applications, general animal condition, images, and much more
  • The tags are reusable, and previous animal data stays available for regulatory traceability
  • Tag can be transferred to a new owner with relevant data staying intact

System is fully scalable into future advanced development on our tag solution

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